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FOX Friends advances the "New York Times snubbed McCain" storyline

Reported by Chrish - July 22, 2008 -

Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM), a former presidential candidate, was on FOX and Friends this morning 7/22/08 to respond to charges from John McCain's camp and FOX News and right-wing radio that the New York Times is showing preferential treatment to Barack Obama in refusing an editorial from John McCain. As noted earlier this morning, the submitted piece attacks Senator Obama and his positions without clearly laying out McCain's; it is negative rather than positive, and the Times has asked him to submit another .
With video.

Gretchen Carlson conducted the interview and strongly advocated for McCain's right to have this specific piece published and accusing the New York Times of bias. Richardson defended on several points: he, as a presidential candidate, had many submitted op-eds rejected by the NYTimes; it is not a paper's duty to publish whatever a politician submits; the NYTimes has been very favorable to McCain in the past, already publishing seven op-eds by him and endorsing him in the Republican primary; and McCain should stop whining and re-submit another article.

Carlson insinuated that the NYTimes wants McCain to "change his opinions" and make his op-ed more favorable to Obama, but Richardson corrected her, saying the Times only wants McCain to change the thrust of his article, and he should just do it instead of making a big issue out of it.

Note that McCain went crying to FOX, who is gladly assisting in portraying him as a victim of the big bad media. Presumably none of the other outlets would enable the exaggeration of this non-story.

See for yourself how biased Carlson's handling of the subject was:

Comment: This whole storyline is just a part of the much larger campaign by FOX , since its inception, to demonize other media outlets and to convince viewers that FOX alone is fair and balanced, the only trustworthy source - classic abusive behavior. The media at large has been successfully cowed by the FOX News Public Relations department as exposed in - well lookee here - the New York Times. Watchers of this unfolding spectacle have to wonder how much is just regular FOX Republican-propping, and how much is payback for the aforementioned article.