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Dick Morris: Obama Is A European Socialist Who Will Cause A Third War In Iraq

Reported by Ellen - July 22, 2008 -

Can you imagine if a liberal guest said such a thing? They’d be unlikely to be invited back, much less become a regular contributor on FOX News as Dick Morris is. From the 7/21/08 Hannity & Colmes. With video.

“Obama means a third Iraq war.” Morris held up three fingers for emphasis as he spoke.

Sean Hannity replied, “Oh, I hope not.” I noticed he didn’t say, “McCain means that won’t happen” or something similarly optimistic about a McCain victory.

Hannity moved on to Obama’s trip. Hannity said it seemed to him like “one big photo op.”

“There’s a more important thing going on,” Morris said. “He is a European socialist. He is cut from the same cloth as the European socialists are. And he is going to go to Europe and the European socialists are going to turn out en masse for him celebrating him. And the reason they’re gonna do it is that they can’t implement their socialist agenda in Europe because capital will go to the United States. Now if Obama is going to implement it in the United States, and Gordon Brown will do it in Britain, they can be as socialist as they like ‘cause capital has no place to go.”

Hannity credulously called it “a pretty scary scenario.”