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Sestak: everyone coming around to Obama's positions

Reported by Chrish - July 21, 2008 -

Steve Doocy was surprised this morning 7/21/08 as he read the credentials of guest Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA): former 3-star Navy Admiral and member of the Armed Services Committee. Saying Obama was receiving "adoring press coverage" he asked what's the best thing Obama can take away from this trip? (Gretchen Carlson had already "asked" if he would get that "foreign policy cred" that he was looking for.)

Sestak instead offered that the best thing he is bringing to the trip was his judgment, but he will listen to the generals about tactical matters. He'll also ask Maliki why he's only spent 27% of the reconstruction monies (27 billion total) we've given him, while we've spent far more ($40 billion)? And why hasn't Maliki implemented the re-Baathification laws that were passed? Obama has to redeploy American troops for American security; Petraeus is only responsible for Iraq security, Obama as C-i-C would be responsible for overall American security.

Let's face it, said Carlson, we've got video of him shooting hoops (and sinking a three-pointer) - isn't this a lot about image? Sestak replied that as someone who wore "the cloth" for 31 years, people in the military want to know that their c-i-c is someone human.

There's been some damage control on the right because of Maliki's apparent endorsement, in an interview in Der Spiegel, of Obama's Iraq withdrawal proposal, which undermines the Bush/McCain "as long as it takes" "stay the course" "stay forever" mindset. There have been claims al-Maliki was "misinterpreted." Sestak made the important point that the interpreter was Maliki's own, not from the magazine.

Everybody has moved to Obama's positions: Bush has set a "time horizon;" Maliki has said 16 months is right; Bush finally sent someone to Geneva for direct talks with Iran; and McCain has finally said we need more brigades in Afghanistan. What judgment on Obama's part!

This segment with a lone Democrat immediately followed another with Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) who repeated the talking points heard all morning: Obama is in Iraq to "burnish" his credentials; he should not have announced his position before the trip; and Joe Lieberman was right, if Obama had been president we would not have had the success of the surge. (As I've said before, if Obama was president we wouldn't be in Iraq in the first place.)