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PJ Crowley, Cliff May discuss Obama trip to Iraq

Reported by Chrish - July 21, 2008 -

(PNAC signatory) Cliff May and PJ Crowley of the Center for American Progress squared off this morning on FOX and Friends in a discussion of Barack Obama's trip to the Middle East. FOX employees were clearly on May's side throughout, making a superficially fairandbalanced segment imbalanced.
With video.

Gretchen Carlson started in with a leading talking point, that Obama should not have made statements about Iraq policy before his visit, to which May agreed. He called it a "very important public relations tour" and reiterated the talking point that Obama doesn't have experience but he looks presidential.

Crowley defended Obama by citing his committees and worldview and previous speeches, and said it's a productive time for him, so he can be better prepared when he becomes president.

Leading the second segment, Steve Doocy made sure to note that Joe Lieberman said, over the weekend, that had Obama had his way and withdrawn troops pre-surge he would not be able to make this trip today. Let's take it a step further: If Obama had had his way in 2003, he wouldn't be making this trip either, as we never would have gotten mired down in Iraq in the first place. If, if, if....

May took the opportunity to laud the success of the "Petraeus mission," saying Al Qaeda is on the ropes and the "Iranian backed militias" are also in bad shape; politically reconciliation is taking place and we're seeing democracy take shape.

Gretchen Carlson called Obama's proposal to redeploy troops to Afghanistan brilliant, and loud laughter was heard as Crowley said this was not a poltical move but rather Obama's belief that the war in Iraq was a diversion and Afghanistan is more central to the war on terror, in stark contrast to McCain who thinks it's Iraq.