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Obama Haters Always Welcome on Fox, Even if They Say One Thing One Day, and Another Thing the Next

Reported by Melanie - July 21, 2008 -

Regular readers of this site know that one of the memes on Your World, Fox's, ahem, "business news" show, is to parade before its audience a succession of angry Hillary Clinton supporters who rail against the DNC and Barack Obama and pledge their support for John McCain. Fox's primary objective, of course, is not its concern for Clinton or voters or the election process. It is to showcase Democrats who find Obama so repugnant that they're going to vote for McCain, and to insinuate that the Democratic party is crumbling and the DNC is corrupt. And it's getting to the point where Fox doesn't care about much more, like whether the same Clinton/McCain supporter says one thing one day, and another thing the next. It's the anti-Obama message that is paramount.

On July 10, Will Bower, the founder of Party Unity My Ass (PUMA) was on. Substitute host David Asman introduced Bower saying he had an, "exclusive announcement to make on this show."

With that, Bower said, "We're here to tell Barack Obama that we really don't need him. We haven't and we don't plan on needing him. We at JustSayNoDeal.com, we started a, an initiative before the 4th of July to raise money to put down her debt. And within that week leading up to the 4th of July we raised approximately $10 million. Our most conservative estimates have it at 6 million but we're looking more at 10 million. Our sources tell us that the debt is now less than $5 million away from being in the black and we're doing one final push ah, today and tomorrow to get our members to contribute just five more dollars or whatever they can and we believe that by this weekend that Hillary's debt will be finished."

Check out the chryon:


That was then, this is now. Will Bower was on again today (July 21, 2008) and if ever there was an example of Fox counting on its audience not to pay attention, this is it. Before launching off on how awful Obama and the DNC are, Bower complained that Obama isn't helping to pay down Clinton's debt, which, ah, he and his group supposedly paid off two weeks ago.

Substitute host Alexis Glick introduced Bower, saying Clinton lent her campaign another $1 million; she's still trying to raise cash, and "my next guest says that wouldn't be necessary if Barack Obama got his supporters to pony up cash as promised." (Message: Obama is a liar.)

Bower opened with, "Well you know, our goal is to do this without him. My guess is the reason why he hasn't been giving money to Hillary is that he needs it himself now. The numbers have come out showing that his donor base has shriveled to 50% of what it was from May to June. So he has his own problems."

That was about the extent of the money issue - which the segment was allegedly about. Bower, with Glick's help, went on to bash Obama and the DNC, saying PUMA is fighting to get Clinton's name placed into nomination but the DNC "squirms" when that comes up and you can see it "break a sweat because they're fighting to keep that from happening." "I am prepared to vote for McCain if Hillary Clinton isn't our nominee by the end of the convention," Bower said. We "only need about l65 delegates to switch back to Hillary Clinton." Obama has run a "fraudulent campaign" and his "own base is jumping ship" because he "abandoned stances" on FISA , campaign finance reform and Iraq. "There are even PUMA's now who used to support Obama." (Music to Fox's ears.)

Note the chyron:


Comment: Bower and his group are obviously free to do whatever they want but my point in following these guests is again, that Fox doesn't give a rat's a** about their plight. Fox loves exploiting them in order to tout McCain. And what about throwing a guest at its audience who says one thing one week and another thing the next? Again, integrity, insmegrity. You want news? Facts? Accuracy? Forget it. On Fox, it's all about convincing its audience to vote for McCain.

By the way, here's an article on where all three campaigns stand money-wise.

UPDATE 7-22-08: Fox posted this teaser to video of the segment on Your World's website. Note the title: "Party Rift?"