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Bill O'Reilly Unbelievably Calls Al Gore a Coward

Reported by Deborah - July 21, 2008 -

Tonight Bill O'Reilly, in one of the most misguided displays of hate filled ignorance ever aired on The Factor, declared that he has lost all respect for Al Gore calling him an "evil enabler" and "coward" who only cares about "pounding home his propaganda" because he appeared at Netroots this weekend. To make it even worse, Juan Williams and Mary Katherine Ham went along with BOR's delusions even comforting him when he turned himself into the victim.( Yes, he actually did that)

We all know that O'Reilly hates DailyKos and tonight he claimed hateful comments about Tony Snow were found there and left undeleted.O'Reilly likes to pretend for his viewers that Netroots is a gathering of out of control lunatics, hurling obscenties, burning flags and of course bad mouthing him 24/7. He acts like nothing constructive is done there but didn't explain fully what "merchants of hate" actually do for four days or how Al Gore "enabled evil" or "gave evil credibility". Huffington, however, is now on his approved list because she didn't allow hateful comments about Tony Snow to be posted. He didn't mention that she was also there and hosted a party for all the haters.

O'Reilly claimed Al Gore is a coward because he never puts himself in front of a critical audience preferring to "pound home his propaganda" to groups "who lap it up". BOR must have forgotten Gore's appearance in front of the Republican attack dogs in Congress or the fact that he's endured relentless attacks, abuse and disrespect from O'Reilly and his FOX News comrades.

However, O'Reilly insisted tonight that he has "stuck up" for Gore. He wailed to Ham and Williams, "Am I wrong to do this? I stuck up for this guy." Then he expressed concern that Gore might come on The Factor as if he realized he had blown that possibility. Both Ham and Williams offered BOR comfort which is both sad and embarrassing for them.