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Fox's James Rosen Proves He's an Unprofessional Dog

Reported by Melanie - July 18, 2008 -

Fox's James Rosen, appearing on Your World w/Neil Cavuto this afternoon (July 18, 2008), opened a report about John McCain's "town hall" meeting in Michigan today with this: "Senator McCain went public today with what is widely discussed but nowhere confirmed, namely that Senator Obama will, as McCain put it, quote, either today or tomorrow be visiting Iraq."

Here's the vid. Having trouble with YouTube right now so I have to post it this way.

Comment: What are they thinking?! Details of a trip like this are always kept a secret for security reasons, as they were when McCain went to Iraq (see link below). Everyone knows that. We don't usually hear about a dignitary visiting the country until (1) they're already there, or (2) they're on their way home. It's bad enough that McCain - senile, vicious and/or desperate - said what he said but for Rosen to repeat it is unprofessional beyond words.

turneresq at the Daily Kos has a good rundown of how this has unfolded.