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FOX News contributor Johnson gets results

Reported by Chrish - July 18, 2008 -

I have to give props to Peter Johnson Jr. for using his position as a FOX News contributor to help someone get life-saving healthcare. Yesterday on FOX and Friends they featured a personal interest story (as they're prone to do) about a young woman who needs brain surgery but was denied by her insurance company because of one late premium payment. Johnson took matters in hand,

made some phone calls and got some executives in Florida Governor Charlie Crist's office involved. A few more phone calls and letters, and Aetna has reconsidered; the girl will have her surgery Monday.

If there's one thing I hold in greater contempt than FOX News, it's insurance companies who deny medical claims on technicalities (which is all of them, make no mistake,) Reading about the absolute b*llsh*t our dear Jim Gilliam and his family have had to deal with in his long medical journey has convinced me that it is insurance companies and profits made denying healthcare that is the root of all evil in our current healthcare crisis, and that single-payer is the best and most equitable way to go.

Unfortunately we don't all have highly visible attorneys taking our cases to heart. Kudoes to Johnson for making a difference in this family's lives.