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Bill O'Reilly Exposes His Warped 1950s Perception Of Women

Reported by Deborah - July 18, 2008 -

Last night, 7/17/08, Bill O'Reilly mistakenly thought he was repairing the damage done by John McCain's absurd reaction to a recent question about birth control and Viagra. When a reporter asked McCain about insurance companies covering Viagra but not birth control, John McCain paused in silent panic for several seconds before claiming ignorance. Well at least McCain, unlike Bill-O, had the sense to keep his mouth shut even though it made him look like an out of touch, ignorant fool. O'Reilly, however, decided to play the expert and the reactionary garbage he spewed about Viagra, birth control and women was shocking and vile.

First he condemned a PETA ad promoting neutering and spaying our pets. Bill wailed that there is "no moral equivalent" between creatures and humans. Of course, when it comes to anything acknowledging human sexuality, BOR freaks out losing his complex cognitive skills.

Then he showed the clip of McCain's humiliating pause and must have decided to divert attention from his disgrace and focus on the reason insurance companies cover Viagra and not birth control. He concluded that Viagra treated a medical condition while birth control was a choice. Then he dug his hole deeper ranting about how he doesn't want to pay for birth control. All that was disgusting enough but he went further making some ugly crack that must have made his female viewers from both parties gasp in horror.

comment: So what exactly does Bill O'Reilly suggest women do about preventing pregnancy. He doesn't want to pay for birth control, abhors sex ed in high school, condemns teenage pregnancy, opposes government programs to help poor children, and wants abortions banned. He thinks men should get free erection pills so they can maintain their ability to impregnate without financial strain. According to BOR, preventing a pregnancy is a choice but an erect penis is a medical necessity.