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O'Reilly diminished Obama's message of personal responsibility

Reported by Chrish - July 17, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo Tuesday night 7/15/08 opined on Barack Obama's recent speeches about personal responsibility. O'Reilly was quick to point out that that value is part of conservatism, while liberals are all about the "level playing field." He proclaimed "I don't want anything from my government except honesty and protection from bad guys."

Really? No roads, no highways, no postal service, no firefighters, no schools, no utilities? I guess now that those are all established he wants fellow rich white guys to buy them up and privatize them so he only has to pay for his personal usage.

O'Reilly went to private Catholic high school, so I suppose he thinks that's got no government subsidizing. But the church pays no taxes, allowing them to spend that money elsewhere. O'Reilly commutes from Long Island into NYCity daily on roads bought and paid for by we the taxpayers. He travels on airlines guided by federally funded air traffic control systems. The list is endless - as much as O'Reilly lives in a protected bubble with his wealth, he is forced on many fronts to participate in the society he turns his nose up at.

Liberals want a level playing field in that kids should get an education AND food and shelter; for many working families, tuition is a luxury. Children of the poor, working or otherwise, need healthcare as much as his little darlings - kids are Americans too, remember? Liberals are not against personal responsibility, we just want social services there for people who need help.

I know, are there no workhouses?

O'Reilly complained that he still doesn't know Barack Obama because he hasn't talked to him personally, reminding viewers that to date Obama has dissed the Factor, and can't determine if he's a visionary or an opportunist.

As long as he can convince viewers that Obama is unknown (while out of the other side of their mouths FOX faces are grumbling about how much more and better coverage Obama is getting from the media) he can fuel skepticism and unease. Attach a few angry black faces repeatedly - Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright clips ad nauseum - and in Factorland, Obama is just a scary black stranger.