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Michelle Obama Can't Get A Break From Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - July 17, 2008 -

There was some big time speculation on The O'Reilly Factor tonight, 7/17.08, about Michelle Obama's role in her husband's campaign. Bill O'Reilly cited a story on The Drudge Report about Michelle Obama stepping back from the campaign claiming he spoke to the Obama camp about her "diminished" role. O'Reilly's part in this speculation session was to raise provocative questions without smacking her down himself. That job was given to Monica Crowley who can always be counted on to leave those nasty images in viewers minds.

Michelle Obama's choice to stay home with her two very young daughter was seen as suspicious by BOR who speculated that she was told to back off so she wouldn't hurt the campaign. Of course he softened it up, saying she wasn't a professional and might make a mistake. He also noted that the campaign wanted people to know that she would not be influencing policy which of course made viewers suspect that this would be a problem with her as first lady.

Monica Crowley went to work carefully crafting a one dimensional image of Mrs Obama as an outspoken, opinionated, trouble maker who loves making political statements. Crowley made an inevitable comparison to Theresa Heinz Kerry claiming there was fear that Michelle Obama would be a detriment too. Crowley made a reference to the "proud" comment and then added two more claiming these illustrated Mrs.Obama's socialist tendencies. But the clincher came when Crowley brought up the New Yorker cover saying if there's "a kernal of truth" to that image of Michelle Obama, she would have to work to dispel it.

Lauren Lake was on hand to support Obama and did an outstanding job although not given equal attention. She was able to remind Crowley that Michelle Obama is "multi faceted" pointing out that she's a team player and doesn't need to be out front all the time. However, the 2 against 1 formula of debate on FOX News kept Lake from shifting the message.

O'Reilly and Crowley made sure to ignore all the positive press recently given to MO after The View and Access Hollywood interview. America got to see her incredible devotion to her charming kids and the tightness of their family unit. It makes perfect sense that Michelle Obama would put her kids first since she's clearly a regular Mom.

Crowley insisted that Obama really didn't want to stay home noting that from what she knows about Obama, "she would like a bigger role" and she "relishes" campaigning mentioning how she went after Hillary Clinton. Crowley concluded that the Obama campaign is trying to make her seem traditional.

It is hard to imagine that anyone would be slammed and scrutinized for choosing to maintain normalcy at home for her kids. We can't even begin to imagine how disruptive and unsettling this campaign has been for those two kids who have been raised in a very close family unit. Michelle Obama should have been praised for her choice but that's not about to happen on FOX.