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Imus Producer, Bernard McGuirk, Debuts on O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - July 17, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly teased at the start of his show that a surprise substitute would appear tonight in place of Dennis Miller. Since there are so few surprises lately on The O'Reilly Factor, this announcement provoked some anticipatory thought. After contemplating the possibility that BOR chose someone with a fresh perspective, I even entertained the idea that the surprise guest might actually be a Democrat. Bernard McGuirk isn't what I had in mind but he sure delivered the right message for Bill O'Reilly. 7/16/08

O'Reilly asked McGuirk to comment on the New Yorker cover and he offered all the right phrases like "PC police" and "limousine liberals". Then McGuirk hit just the right chord with an observation that a similar cover about McCain would be ignored and McCain would laugh it off.

Then BOR asked him for the weaknesses of both candidates. McGuirk talked about McCain's flat personality but claimed it wasn't his fault because the injuries from his POW experience made him stiff. Then he raved about McCain saying he "loved" him noting his great sense of humor.

When it came to Obama's weaknesses, McGuirk said there are "so many" and happily elaborated. It was quite clear that he didn't like Obama and he even took a shot at NBC so BOR was satisfied. We can expect McGuirk back on The Factor for sure.