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Bill O'Reilly Can't StopTalking About Jesse Jackson

Reported by Deborah - July 17, 2008 -

Tonight Bill O'Reilly found a way to talk about the Jesse Jackson story again. At this point, his behavior has passed from annoying to amusing. Since there's absolutely no reason to keep discussing it, he now must sneak it into unrelated segments and find some reason to bring it up. Tonight Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall came on to discuss the press coverage for Obama's trip so Bill-O announced, "Goldberg has a beef with me about Jesse Jackson". That Bernie can be a real life saver at times.

First BOR got his Obama digs in, complaining that Katie Couric, Brian Williams and Charles Gibson will be going on Obama's trip while poor John McCain has been ignored. With the attitude usually reserved for Al Gore, he referred to it as the " Great Obama Medicine Show" commenting that the media is acting like he's already elected.

Goldberg injected some race into the speculation opining that the networks are sending a message that Obama is more important than McCain because he is just the same old white politician. O'Reilly offered no objection to that observation

It was business as usual with suggestions that the media was going to cover for Obama which is always an intimidation tactic designed to activate guilt followed by harsher coverage. (Unfortunately, it usually works.) Jane Hall first conceded slightly and then pointed out that McCain has enjoyed massive press coverage in past campaigns.

Then it was time for Goldberg's "beef with O'Reilly". No surprise that Goldberg thought BOR should have aired all of Jackson's comments and made a reference to his "noble" intentions.
This was followed with BOR's back patting and introspective pondering about journalistic choices.