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Fox Develops a Meme Based on a Lie, and Gets Caught

Reported by Melanie - July 16, 2008 -

As regular readers of this site know, since late May, Neil Cavuto has very regularly aired segments featuring angry Clinton supporters who come on and trash the Democratic party, Barack Obama, and declare their support for John McCain. That trend continues this week with more guests of that ilk appearing on the show both Monday and Tuesday.

During yesterday's segment (July 15, 2008), captioned with this chyron: "Pro-Hillary Group 'Horrified' at her Support of Obama" which was about the new group, "Real Democrats;" their fundraising for Clinton, their problems with the DNC and the "elitist" Barack Obama, substitute host Connell McShane asked Marilu Socher, one of the two female guests, "What's the best scenario for you? McCain wins this time, is in for four years, and Hillary Clinton runs again in four years?" Socher's answer? "That's exactly what we want."

Okay. So that succeeded in bashing Obama, portraying Democrats as divided and in disarray, showing Democrats praising McCain, and raising the specter of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2012 (which Fox's audience would see as a bad thing but it implies that Clinton wouldn't approve of the job Obama would do if elected).

Fast forward about 30 minutes. McShane introduces a segment featuring Howard Wolfson with this: "New information today. Hillary Clinton asking her donors to keep the cash for her next run in 2012. Some say this could cost her any shot she had left at the VP slot on the Obama ticket. Let's ask former Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson who joins us now from D.C. What do you make of that Howard?"

After a few seconds of audio trouble during which Wolfson couldn't hear McShane, McShane re-asked the question: "I was just asking...you know, this, this idea that Senator Clinton is asking supporters to keep the money until 2012, that gives you the idea she wants to run for president again. Is that the wrong signal to be sending right now?"

Wolfson: "Well, actually, the committee that she's setting up that she's asking people to contribute to is a senate committee, not a presidential committee. Her senate re-election is up in 2012 and she's asking people who contributed to the general election portion of the presidential run in '08 to generously re-designate those funds so they can be used for her senate committee in 2012. So this is not a presidential committee. It's a senate committee. One has nothing to do with the other and as we have already seen and we will continue to see, Senator Clinton is going to be enthusiastically traveling the country, raising money and holding events for Senator Obama in 2008."

Here's the video:

Comment: Ahahahahahaha! But seriously, this is a good example of how low Fox will go - airing segments and floating ideas based on false information.