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Fox: Democrats Are Responsible For "Your Pain at the Pump;" Bush Gets Credit for a Drop in the Price of a Barrel of Oil

Reported by Melanie - July 16, 2008 -

It's crazy-making on Fox these days. One minute Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox's "premiere business news" show, highlights record high gas prices and blames it on the Democrats. The next minute they rave about a "dive" (all of $10) in the price of a barrel of oil and say George Bush gets credit. (I swear, between those two inconsistencies in price, the upcoming election, Bush flip-flopping on talking to Iran, and a "shock jump" in the Strategic Petroleum Reserves (is that partly why gas is so high - because our own government is sucking it up for this reason?) Something fishy is going on.)

Early in the show today (July 16, 2008), substitute host Alexis Glick introduced Congressman John Peterson (R-PA) with this: "Gas at a-n-o-t-h-e-r record today! Democrats demanding more stimulus to help you pay for it, and it's not just another tax rebate check. Try more food stamps, subsidies for air conditioning and more cash for states. Now, Republicans say if you really want to ease the pain at the pump, drill now. Who's right?"

Here's a screen shot (note the chyrons in all the shots below). I don't think you could pack more propaganda into one teevee screen if you tried.


Peterson, who was on C-Span earlier today ranting that our energy crisis, “is more important and threatening to America’s future than terrorism" (some of us were saying that 30 years ago, not to mention on September 12, 2001), said we can't continue to "feed OPEC." (Canada is our largest oil importer.) "We need to start drilling."

After hearing from Democrat Maurice Hinckey (NY) about how to ease "your pain at the pump," Glick turned to FBN's Eric Bolling with this intro: FOX NEWS ALERT. "Alright let's go to Wall Street. Stocks soaring as oil prices dive for a second day!"

Here's a picture of her while she was saying that:


"It hit $132 a barrel today, finishing just a bit above that. FBN's Eric Bolling says we need to crack $130 to r-e-a-l-l-y see some relief and high five! [Glick and Bolling high five each other.] We're getting closer. We're doin' better. Feelin' better. Talk me through it."

Bolling: "I'll throw this out here real quick. President Bush removes his mor, his ban, the presidential ban on offshore drilling and we're down $10.00 in two days."

This is the picture Fox showed while Bolling said that:


Bolling went on to talk about other factors affecting the price of oil but, you get the picture.

Comment: Seems that the consensus is that oil went down because the economy's slowing, food and other prices are rising, we're all going broke, and thus we as a nation will cut our consumption because we won't be able to afford it. And who has been president for nearly eight years? The guy with his finger on the economy? To blame this on Democrats is, well, folks, I think we're seeing John McCain's election strategy emerging right before our eyes. Put a finger to the wind (the wind being Fox) and it seems pretty darn clear to me.