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Reported by Priscilla - July 15, 2008 -

No, Hannity hasn’t changed the title of his show; but he should, as he gives an inordinate amount of time to Dick Morris’ less than non partisan musings and free advertising for John McCain. The need for offshore and ANWR drilling is also a meme for Fox and was seen in last night’s program, so I thought that it could also be incorporated into the title.

Last night’s (July 14th) Hannity&Colmes featured Morris’ take on the now infamous New Yorker cover. He thought it was “outrageous” and a smear about Obama being a Muslim (not that Fox would ever feed into that!). But Morris did add that the image did speak to Obama’s “ability to fight terrorism.” To substantiate that point, Morris read a passage from his book about some arcane policy, supposedly advocated by Obama, about countering terrorism. As if on cue, Hannity asked Morris what type of campaign ad that he would recommend for McCain to use against Obama. As if on cue, Morris replied that the “flip flopping” should be emphasized and then went through a litany of what he felt were Obama flip-flops. Colmes countered with a list of McCain’s flip-flops which Morris said were really all about how “facts” have “changed;” and, as such, McCain’s repositioning was really a change in “emphasis.” Morris felt that McCain has only changed on two issues: drilling and immigration. Hannity then added that he was surprised that Obama’s ratings were as high as they were “knowing what we know about him; but certainly we’re ahead of the curve.” Morris said that we’re “on the verge of an energy war” and that if there is an invasion of Iraq, it will be good for McCain because “anything that reminds us of national security threats” benefits McCain.

The “talking heads” discussion was a little unbalanced with one democrat, Steve Murphy and two republicans – Tony Blankley and the eerily boyish Ralph Reed. Hannity asked about how, if Obama cares for the poor, he doesn’t support means to lower oil costs by drilling and nuclear power. When Murphy responded that Obama isn’t against drilling, Hannity yelled “yes he is.” Murphy tried to talk about all the American leases for domestic exploration; but was interrupted by Hannity yelling “they have no oil, this is a talking point.” (Comment: Hannity is well versed in “talking points.”) Murphy replied that the leases should be given up if there is no oil. He also said that the monetary benefits from drilling won’t be felt for 10 years and the oil companies should build more refineries. Hannity responded with “we’re heading for an energy war in this country.” Jack Abramoff’s pal Ralph Reed commented that the “liberals won’t let us drill offshore or in ANWR.” (Comment: is the republican governor of California a liberal?) Reed claimed that there are 16 billion barrels of oil in ANWR which would eliminate 35 years of Saudi imports. (Comment: this “fact” is also noted in a 2005 article in World Net Daily while the US Energy Information Administration has some very different information summarized in a recent USA Today article.) Colmes mused, to Blankley, about how the Iraq war was supposed to have given us lower oil prices. Ever the Bush defender, Blankley said that we “removed Saddam and struck a blow against terrorism. Blankley added that his old boss, Newt Gingrich, was leading the movement to put pressure on congress to approve drilling. To Colmes comment that the US Energy Department says the price won’t come down for 10 years, Blankley replied, “that’s idiotic.”

Comment: I really need to give News Hounds Ellen a tremendous amount of credit for having been able to watch and review this bizarre and annoying “news” show. Beyond that, I have no further comment (the content speaks for itself) except to say that the intro graphics and audio look and sound like a cross between some super Nintendo video game and something you see on World Wide Wrestling. While it has a veneer of respectability, it’s all quite distasteful!