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Bill O'Reilly Renews Campaign of Doubt Against Obama

Reported by Deborah - July 15, 2008 -

Tonight, 7/15/08, Bill O'Reilly renewed the campaign designed to make McCain the candidate voters can trust and Obama the mystery man who voters should fear because they don't know him. In his TPM tonight O'Reilly warned against electing a "mystery President." Although this is an old tactic, O'Reilly is pushing it with a ruthless urgency, partly to get Obama on The Factor but also because he can no longer fit Obama into a tidy attackable box.

Yesterday during a speech to the NAACP, Obama acknowledged that although his message of responsibility is not popular with everyone, he will continue it. O'Reilly stymied because he agrees with Obama on this issue, tried to discredit him anyway. Besides assuring viewers that Obama will definitely expand "entitlements", he cast serious doubt on his sincerity saying, " I don't know if he's a visionary or an opportunist."

Claiming that Obama should be doing better, he claimed that white working class voters don't share his "core values". He didn't elaborate on what the core values might be that make Obama so different from "white working class' voters. Then he warned of the risks of electing a " mystery President" and touted the security of good old McCain.

O'Reilly couldn't have been too happy that Obama chose to appear on Larry King Live tonight instead of The Factor. It must be payback time.