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Shepard Smith Continues Reinforcing Negative Images On New Yorker Cover

Reported by Deborah - July 14, 2008 -

Shepard Smith and Major Garrett continued promoting the negative images of the Obamas portrayed on the New Yorker Magazine. Using a grave tone, Shepard Smith described the images in detail without any hint that he thought the satire was untrue or damaging. Then Smith and Garrett connected the images with Obama's statement about Iraq and Afghanistan. with video

Guest Blogged by Tom

In a stunningly grim tone about this “satire: Smith continued to play on the fear of the American public: “…Barack Obama as a Muslim. And his wife as a gun-toting terrorist. There is an American flag burning in the fireplace, Osama Bin Laden’s over over the fireplace.”

Then the questions were turned over to Major Garret.. “Major what’s the matter with a little campaign satire?”

Garrett explained that Obama has been forced to deal with these problems at every campaign stop. (Not surprisingly Garrett blamed the internet and not FOX News) He noted that this was happening after Obama has been stressing his patriotism and religious values. Garrett's elaboration did nothing to suggest the rumors Obama has faced are untrue.

Then Smith asked if the New Yorker cover was diverting attention from Obama's statement today that he planned to remove troops from Iraq and increase troops in Afghanistan. Notice the inflammatory phrasing under Garrett as the discussion shifts to Afghanistan and fighting terrorism.