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Hate Mail and ah, Mail Meant for Fox?

Reported by Melanie - July 14, 2008 -

I had to wipe the coffee off my screen Saturday when I read this at Matthew Yglesias's site: "What's on your mind? Incidentally, I am open to questions on more substantive topics than whether or not this blog sucks."

So true.

(July 14, 2008)

Speaking of sucks, here is the hate mail we received during the last month. Also included is mail meant for Fox itself. How in the world could anyone confuse our site with FoxNews.com?!

The emails are exact reproductions - typos and all - but the names of the ah, folks who sent them have been omitted.

June 17 - Subject: "Your Website"

Upon Review of your website, it is quite obvious you are an intellectual idiot. You can write well but ignorant in your thoughts.

Are you Obama Stupid?

FOX MAIL - June 19 - Subject: "Laura Ingraham"


watching your new program...used to listen to you in the days of lee habib and when troy was more than a memory. i always enjoyed your sharp wit and pleasant personality..a good combination. i just recently found out that you had breast cancer and had beaten it..i shall say a prayer for you regardless. anyway..good luck with your new program..and by the way, i dont know what you have done with yourself, but you have never looked more beautiful...you look positively radiant....kind of the pregnancy glow sans the fetus...anyway laura, good luck and god bless..


FOX MAIL - June 20 - Subject: Just In

Dear Laura;

We regularly listen to your radio show and we recently began watching your new TV show, "Just In". We are deciding that we probably won't be able to watch "Just In" because we are driven to distraction by your constant interrupting your guests so that two people are talking at the same time. We dislike that very much! It seem that you interrupt people with whom you disagree and to a lesser extent people with whom you agree. Please let your guests talk and have their say. We understand that you are severely time-limited and you have to keep the show interesting. Thus, you need to move the train of thought ahead and not let it stall on redundancies by your guests. We understand that. but, it seems that you interrupt your guests so many times in their mid-sentence that one cannot even follow the discussion. So, we will have to opt out if this pattern continues. Please take a close look at this habit of yours and see if ther isn't some way to improve your image on screen. Thank you.


June 20 - Subject: "Idiot Blogger"

You're so blinded by your liberal attitudes that you won't give Fox News the credit they deserve for being the best news format on TV. Don't take my word for it, just look at the ratings. Fox News kills all the liberal channels in viewers.


FOX MAIL - June 23 - Subject: "Just In"

The black supporter of Obama you had on "Just In" this afternoon sounded just like Jeremiah Wright and he like I suspect Obama shares the ideology of the radical black liberation theology. The white professor that was there on home schooling need only to look in the mirror to see what is wrong with America's schools today. Thank You


June 30 - Subject: "Laura"

I thought Laura was outstanding with the repugnant elitist she was debating. If you didn't - then go f*ck yourself.


July 2 - Subject: "Get a Life"

It's hard to believe that people at this website have nothing else better to do. This website and its obsession are such a joke. You have an obvious agenda and spin everything. I WATCH FOX SO I DON'T HAVE TO READ NEWS HOUNDS!


July 6 - Subject: "i'm just astonished"

youre with the biased moveon.org, and you think cnn and msnbc are not biased.

And by the way, I watch cnn and fox news.

I think youre being silly


July 12 - Subject: "Fox News"

Don't worry about watching Fox News for anyone. They are the most watched cable news network and as an idependent, it is refreshing to see news reported from both side of the aisle. Media bias has always lived on the other news networks as well as the major networks. It seems that if anyone speaks of conservatives in a kind fashion or with any truth, they are bigots, liars, extortionists, etc....

I don't agree with the far left or the far right, but about the truth and I am tired of getting spoonfed by the media on liberalism. It's just a shame that the far left wants everyone to think as they do or get ripped in public daily. Why don't you guys show some respect for everyone and quit spewing and encouraging hatred for anyone that isn't a far left supporter. Where is the tolerance that liberals say they want for everyone. It seems they want to receive, but not give.

Bottom line, I watch Fox News because I don't feel as if they are encouraging or forcing me to be in love with one side of the political aisle. I like to know the negatives and positives about both parties and candidates. Other than Hannity, no one is slobbering all over a candidate like I see on CNN and MSwho?NBC.

This election will be decided by the middle with voters like me. You guys are helping alienate people from Democrats. Your website is driving independents further away from the left. If your candidate is the best guy for the job, report fairly and I'm sure more people with refrain from hitting the back button and give you a chance to tell the world about your candidate. If he is all that great, you won't need to smear other people to get him elected.

Have some integrity and make it worthwhile for anyone to stop and ponder over your words.

A Soccer Mom