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Fox: Offshore Drilling "Could HELP the Environment"

Reported by Melanie - July 14, 2008 -

Guest host Connell McShane opened a segment on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (July 14, 2008) with this: "To California now. Environmentalists drilling into your heads how dangerous and dirty offshore drilling is and, we're actually getting evidence that drilling could help the environment. Our William LaJeunesse is in Santa Barbara with more on this. What's the story on that William?" (Emphasis in original.)

To LaJeunesse who said that "most opposition to offshore drilling, of course, is based on fear. Fear of an oil spill" and "when oil washes up on the beach here in Santa Barbara, people naturally blame big oil." But "the National Academy of Science" says "Mother Nature spills more oil into the environment than Exxon, Shell and BP combined."

With that Fox put this pie graph on-screen and LaJeunesse explained it:


Then to two unidentified (that in and of itself makes me so suspicious; what are they hiding?) supposed "experts," one of whom said that in the Santa Barbara channel, "there might be 200 barrels a day seeping through the entire region," and another who said that shipping, drilling, the pipelines, etc., "all basically lead to the release of greenhouse gasses."

Back to LaJeunesse and this graph, which he said contained info provided by the Coast Guard (controlled by Bush thus controlled by the oil companies):


And to LaJeunesse's wrap:

"Now, we are dumping more oil out of jet airplanes as they jettison the fuel in emergency landings than come off of offshore platforms."

Here's the vid:

Comment: So, how does this "help the environment?" Guess we're supposed to believe that we'd better get that oil out of there so it stops seeping, huh?

Judging from a perusal of the Internets, it seems that all of a sudden — I found several very recent newspaper articles citing it — someone picked out and released info contained in this report released by the National Academy Press in 2003. Hum, wonder who that was. Don't suppose it was none other than Exxon or Shell now do ya?! Whoever took the time (and has the time) to dig this far back is, I'm sure, eternally grateful to Fox for doing their propagandizing for them.