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FOX Friends discuss Green Party, Cynthia McKinney

Reported by Chrish - July 14, 2008 -

One of the recurring themes on this morning's FOX and Friends 7/14/08 was the possibility that the Green Party could siphon votes away from Barack Obama in the general election because Obama's primary season supporters are upset over his apparent move to the center. Scott McLarty, a representative of the Green Party and candidate Cynthia McKinney was the sole guest for a segment that envisioned just such a movement.

McLarty denied that a vote for McKinney was a vote for the Republicans, saying instead that it's a vote against the war in Iraq and a possible war in Iran, in favor of upholding the law and protecting the Constitution. He disagrees that Obama is moving to the middle and instead charges that he's moving to the right, bumping into John McCain on some issues like pre-emptively attacking Iran and the FISA cave in compromise. He noted that many people will vote for the Democrat in a national election to prevent Republicans from maintaining power, even though the Democrat may not represent or has betrayed their values, but at local and state levels people are more likely to vote Green.

Brian Kilmeade informed of the Democrats.com drive to have people pledge money to Obama but hold it in an "escrow" account to be released to him dependent upon his stand on key issues in the coming months. McLarty urged those disappointed progressives to consider McKinney and the Green Party.

While this segment was done in a semi-serious and respectful manner (after initially getting the guest's name wrong), an earlier discussion among the three Friends mocked Cynthia McKinney's candidacy. Morris smirked as he announced McKinney is the Green Party candidate, and Kilmeade said he didn't see any flaws in that candidacy, he doesn't see anything in her background that would come back to haunt her unless someone tries to pat her down; the other two kids were laughing at the klown. In fact, this whole show was exceedingly giddy and joke-filled to the point they had to rush through weather because they had joked and fooled around so much - very unprofessional, even for them. Maybe somebody laced their pastries.

It does the Friends' hearts good, makes them giddy even, to think that Democrats will fracture in November and keep the White House in Republican hands. They projected that fracture meme all through the long primary and now that Hillary Clinton has bowed out and is trying to unify the party, they'll take this one and run with it.