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Bill O'Reilly Predictably Clouds Time Of Tribute With Anger

Reported by Deborah - July 14, 2008 -

It is sad but not surprising that Bill O'Reilly decided to mar this period of mourning and remembrance of his close friend Tony Snow with an angry rebuke of the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times and of course the DailyKos in his TPM tonight for what he perceived as insensitive coverage of Tony Snow's death. 7/14/08 with video

Tonight's attack was business as usual. O'Reilly showed photos, accused someone of " hiding under his desk, smeared the left and even used his "loon" label.

It was inevitable that Bill O'Reilly would scan the obituaries for a media enemy list that he could use at a later date as proof that that the left is heartless. He had already gathered and used comments found on blogs about Snow's cancer to make that point in the past. However, wouldn't it be kinder to Snow's family to ignore it for a decent period of time. Knowing how close BOR was to Snow, makes his behavior tonight more difficult to understand.

O'Reilly an insufferable hypocrite was guilty of profound disrespect of George Carlin and his family. In fact, his inappropriate acknowledgment of Carlin was worse than anything he fabricated tonight.

note: Any disrespectful comment about Tony Snow will be deleted immediately. This post is about Bill O'Reilly's lack of sensitivity and restraint.