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According to Kilmeade on FOX, nobody wants to be Obama's running mate

Reported by Chrish - July 14, 2008 -

The speculation continues over who will be chosen as both party's vice-presidential nominees. Brian Kilmeade made mention several times this morning 7/14/08 that several persons who have been rumored to be Democratic possibilities have publicly said they're not interested; Kilmeade turned that into a negative for Obama.

The segment was bannered "McCain Veepstakes" but Obama talking points were sprinkle throughout; for instance, although you'd think Obama's would be, McCain's is bigger - his list of potentials, that is.

After some bantering about the benefits of Governors Pawlenty and Romney, Kilmeade sequed over to detail "the people who bowed out of the Barack Obama, 'I want to be with Barack Obama' sweepstakes: Ted Strickland, out. Mark Warner, don't include me. Senator Webb, don't ask me. Joe Biden said 'I don't want it but if I was asked I guess I'd take it.' That's Unbelievable!" It's the ticket of change! yada yada yada. On the other hand, you've got a line (names five) who really want to do it; no one has turned him down!**

Clayton Morris noted that earlier in the race it was thought that McCain would have to pick a conservative, but now it appears that he'll be able to choose a more independent running mate (?? Charlie Crist, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindall? those were the names mentioned, all of them staunch conservatives.) (**By the way, Bobby Jindall, on F&F four days ago , repeatedly said he was not interested in the VP position; he loves his job as the newly elected Governor or Louisiana.) Unmentioned is the general feeling of malaise in the Republican party signalled by people who will hold their noses and vote for McCain.

Later, during a conversation with guest Mike Huckabee, Kilmeade asked why so many were turning Obama down? Five so far, without even being asked! Huckabee credited his own Lt. Governor for saying he was like a spare tire: you're supposed to be out of the way, in the dark, but stay pumped and ready to go in case somebody needs you someday.

Huckabee said in his interview that he has not been contacted by the McCain campaign, although Kilmeade had named him as a possible candidate ten minutes earlier. Huckabee is content with his FOX News gig.