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24 hours of FOX News watching difficult for sane person; try four years of it!

Reported by Chrish - July 13, 2008 -

Check out Nathan Robinson's synopsis of his experience of watching FOX News for 24 hours straight. Some summations from his summation:

1. I had thought that eventually I would be numbed to the sensory assault of the channel. But you don't get used to it. It just drives you nuts. It's like your television is trying to attack you. You can turn on most other channels and just zone out, letting the gentle buzz of the TV wash over you. But not with FOX. FOX screams at you, and won't let you turn your mind down a notch. Everything is angry, bright, and in-your-face.

2. Political news represents a minority of FOX's coverage , and it actually seems like a smaller percentage here than on CNN and MSNBC, who love to deluge us with "Race To The White House" pieces. So most of the news doesn't get explicitly political treatment. It's just, well, sleazy.

3. O'Reilly is expectedly pompous and bullying. Who let Archie Bunker have a news show?

4. I start to count the number of different Blonde FOX Ladies. I soon find this to be an impossible task. They cannot be distinguished.

5. The worst thing about FOX is not its bias, but the "panic mode" that it seems to live in. The message of the network seems to be "It's a scary world out there. You're going to need a gun and some deep-seated prejudice if you're going to make it out alive."

Summation of the summation of the summation: "It's a crazy-mixed up land of deceit, terror, and sleaze."

Nathan, we could have saved you the trouble! With over 12,000 entries compiled over four lo-o-o-ng years, you could just peruse our site for a few hours and reach the same conclusion.

Bu please don't forget that along with your guns and prejudices, you need Republicans to survive - Democrats are terror-enabling economy-destroying anti-family secularists out to destroy America. THAT is the main message running through their propaganda; the panic mode you correctly identified is a tool to instill that core value.