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In Segment On “Political Blunders,” FOX News Emphasizes Obama’s, Ignores McCain’s

Reported by Ellen - July 12, 2008 -

Republican Frank Luntz was the only guest for a segment on last night’s (7/11/08) Hannity & Colmes supposedly devoted to political blunders of the presidential campaign. But in a week filled with McCain missteps, somehow two out of three of the showcased blunders belonged to Barack Obama. With video.

For the umpteenth time this week, the show rehashed the Jesse Jackson “controversy.” Yet, I have seen no discussion on any of the following McCain blunders: His call to “Get those offshore reserves exploited,” his reference to the Social Security system as a “disgrace,” his joke about killing Iranians, his flummoxed response about health insurance covering viagra but not birth control for women, and his contradiction of his own memoir.

Luntz, a contributor to the ever insensitive FOX News, announced, “Whenever Jackson gets involved in any Democratic campaign, Jewish voters get concerned. Certain moderate voters that might consider voting for Obama get concerned.”

In his bullyboy voice, Sean Hannity said, “Hey, Frank, I want to go to my favorite piece of tape of the week. Barack Obama arrogantly, in a pretty condescending way – I call it the merci, beaucoup tape.” Hannity played a video of Obama saying that he’s embarrassed that so few Americans speak another language.

Multimillionaire Hannity pretended to be a regular guy as he said, “It reminds me of what he said in San Francisco to his millionaire friends, that, you know, those bitter Americans clinging to their guns. I think this is going to hurt him. Maybe we need the Obama passport, Newt was saying today.”

Hannity and supposedly neutral Luntz spent a good while attacking Obama for not loving America enough.

Finally, briefly, they discussed Phil Gramm. But after slamming Obama for being too critical of America, Hannity and Luntz fell over themselves understanding, explaining and even defending Gramm.