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The Politics of Fox's "Premiere Business News" Show

Reported by Melanie - July 11, 2008 -

Below is a list of segments aired on Fox's "premiere business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto this week pertaining to Democrats, Republicans and/or the campaigns of either Barack Obama or John McCain. Note the number of negative segments about Obama and Democrats and how positive the few about Republicans and McCain were.

July 7, 2008

•• "Are Dems Coming Around to Drilling as Gas Prices Soar?"
•• "McCain and Obama Launch New Battle Over the Economy."
•• "Obama Says Americans Believe in Personal Responsibility. Does He?"
•• "New Batch of Clinton Supporters Refusing to Back Obama."
•• "Young Voters Traveling Country Rallying for McCain."

July 8, 2008

•• "Dem Aid to America: 'Drive Small cars and Wait for the Wind'."
•• "GOP Trying to Entice Dems to Join OffShire Drilling Bill."
•• "Clinton Under Fire For Saying POW's Can Snap at Any Time."
•• Democratic Senator Robert Menendez (NJ) "Calling for Permanent Ban on Offshore Drilling."
•• "New Push for Universal Healthcare: Wrong Rx For America?" (Democrats favor this so of course it's a bad idea.)

July 9, 2008

•• Report by James Rosen on the FISA vote - Obama is a flip-flopper (no mention whatsoever of McCain, especially that he was a no-show).
•• "Taking Oil From Emergency Reserves: Useless or Necessary?" (Democrats proposed doing this so of course it's a stupid idea.)
•• "Will Obama's Plan to Soak the Rich Soak Everyone?" (The gist of the segment? Yes.)
•• "Obama Supporters Furious at Request to Pay Down Clinton Debt" (As seen from the perspective of an ex-Clintonite who is meeting with the McCain campaign next week.)
•• "Obama to America: Make Sure Your Child Can Speak Spanish." (Fox took roughly six words out of a speech Obama made about how important it is for Americans to learn a second language and turned it into this. The guest for the segment was Joey Vento, the owner of a Geno's Steaks in Philly who said Obama was "scary" and "sick.")

July 10, 2008

•• Radio Talk Show Host Mike Gallager on Phil Gramm's "mental recession" and "whiners" statement. Gallagher said Gramm had "the guts" to say what is true.
•• Will Bower (a McCain supporter) of PUMA (Party Unity My Ass - a pro-Clinton, anti-Obama group) who said his coalition is going to raise enough money to pay off Hillary Clinton's debt this week.
•• Will Jessie Jackson's cut-his-nuts remark "help" Obama? Guest George Autry, Jr. - author of the book Malice Cloaked in Liberty accused the Obama campaign of putting Jessie Jackson up to making it because (1) it would help Obama raise his standing with white people and (2) Jackson could get some long-sought media attention.
•• "GOP to Congress: No Recess Until Vote on Meaningful Energy Plan." (On Fox, "Congress" contains only Democrats.)

July 11, 2008

•• "Are Both Parties to Blame" for gas prices?
•• Is Barack Obama's fundraising down?
•• Gramm Blames the Media for Selling "Misery."
•• Rep. Peter King (R-NY) giving out Nancy Pelosi's office phone number and urging Fox's audience to call her and urge her to vote in favor of offshore drilling.

Comment: Fox isn't mentioning McCain very much at all but they are campaigning for him vis-a-vis painting Democrats in a very bad light in terms of offshore drilling. The issue of weaning ourselves from oil is thrown into the mix peripherally abut not discussed in a serious way. The thrust is to drill, drill, drill, which Democrats favor, but they want the oil companies to drill in the areas they've already leased. Fox wants to open up the entire Outer Continental Shelf and ANWR.

As for Obama, he can't do anything right.

Maybe this weekend I'll put up a list of the "business news" segments Fox aired. Surely I can find two or three minutes (he he) to do that.