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FOX Friend Doocy fires back in Photoshop wars, Graydon Carter targeted

Reported by Chrish - July 11, 2008 -

FOX and Friends' Steve Doocy responded this morning to Vanity Fair's photoshopping hall of horrors that tinkered with FOX personalities' images, which in turn was a response to FOX and Friends being caught running doctored photos of two New York Times journalists who had dared write about FOX News in a less than adulatory manner. This was presumably at the behest of the attack dogs in the FOX News PR department, headed by Irena Brignati.
With video

Doocy postured that it was all in fun, ignoring that the original infraction, caught only by MediaMatters, was done stealthily to disparage the reporters. Now that it has been exposed and has blown up in the blogosphere, Doocy is busy doing damage control and pretending he was just kidding all along.

Today he shot back at Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, making much ado about the horror of the photoshopped image impending, and then showed an unaltered picture of the man to sound effects and screams and gasps. Ha. Ha. Ha.

What a maroon. What a sideshow. In Doocy's own words (in an earlier segment about Iran's altering of missile test photos), "Didn't the Iranians learn from American politicians that the cover up is always worse than the initial event?... It just makes them look like they don't know exactly what they're doing."