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FOX and Iranian propagandists go Photoshopping together

Reported by Chrish - July 11, 2008 -

FOX and Friends this morning 7/11/08 did a short segment on the doctored photo of four missiles being launched by Iran in a test on July 9. The picture of four rockets was take from from the Web site of Sepah News, reportedly "the media arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards." Steve Doocy made a snide remark about the media in America being more interested in FOX News' photo doctoring than in this instance, and for once he was right. Well, partially.

As Editor and Publisher noted,

The big news this week that Iran had successfully completed a missile test launch apparently had some big mistakes in coverage.

A misleading photo of four missiles being launched at once during the test, instead of the correct three, made its way to the front pages of the Los Angeles Times, The Financial Times, the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers, as well as BBC News, MSNBC, Yahoo! News, and NYTimes.com, according to a New York Times blog.
By early afternoon Thursday, few of the major newspapers that had published the wrong image on their front pages had formally acknowledged the goof, apparently leaving it up to their blogs for now and possibly in print tomorrow.

The Washington Post ran the original and doctored photos side by side, here.

Doocy was referring to the firestorm created when FOX and Friends aired deliberately altered photos of two journalists from the New York Times. But, again quoting Editor and Publisher,

"The Fox News channel has gained wide attention today in the blogosphere for airing photos of two New York Times staffers that appear to have been doctored to portray the Timesmen in an unflattering light."
The journalistic infraction was largely ignored in the mainstream media, as are most of FOX's outrageous lapses. This is attributable to the vicious and vindictive nature of the FOX News PR department, as exposed by David Carr.

So Doocy was correct in noting that the mainstream media has not widely noted that the photo they ran was doctored, but he was incorrect in implying that they were all over the FOX PhotoShop episode.

He also misses the point that if the US media has not made corrections about the photo and noted that there was a "failure to launch" of at least one missile, they are complicit with the Iranian projection of power and are doing the Bush administration a favor by letting the image stand, adding to their warmongering. The US media has an opportunity and an obligation at this time to tell Americans that the Iranian military is not as scary as it would like us to think. Damn that liberal media!

It's telling that Doocy doesn't seem to understand the difference between a reported "propaganda arm" putting out exaggerated images to bolster their own image, and the self-proclaimed "most powerful name in news" network putting out false images to smear competitors. Or maybe he understands that there is no difference at all - they are both self-serving propagandists.

As Gretchen Carlson noted: "It's scary to me that a country like that can use technology like PhotoShop and then appear to be more in control than they really are. [snip] It's all imagery. We know how important imagery is, and keep in mind that we're still trying to get the right message out in our country about the threat of Iran."

The right message? "...we're still trying to get the right message out in our country about the threat of Iran"?? She just admitted to a media collusion to propagandize the American people into another unnecessary war.