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Rudy Giuliani hits all the right-wing talking points about Obama on FOX and Friends

Reported by Chrish - July 10, 2008 -

The former candidate appeared for two segments (ten minutes) this morning 7/10/08 on FOX and Friends. In that ten minutes he hit most if not all the Republican talking points about the Democratic candidate, while the hosts nodded approvingly and at times amplified the message.

FOX wants nothing more than to alienate black people from voting for Barack Obama so will play the clip of Jesse Jackson whispering "Barack's talking down to black people" hundreds of times. It led the segment with Giuiani, who doesn't know if the disagreement is because Obama is changing his positions, moving significantly to the middle or because Jackson is jealous, showing a generational divide in the black community; Giuliani thinks it's all done for political purposes; when people start doing that it's hard to figure out what they really believe. Federal dollars going into faith-based initiatives could relieve Jesse Jackson of some of his influence; Doocy corrects Giuliani's "general movement"terminology to announce "it's flip-flopping! Yesterday he flip-flopped on FISA!"
It runs the risk of alienating your base, but then you run the risk of alienating everybody because they don't know what you believe, kind of like John Kerry.

Doocy insinuated that Obama has already flip-flopped on Iraq, saying during the primaries he said he'd get the troops out in 16 months, but now he's saying "yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah, wait a minute, let me go talk to people;" Giuliani said that's a problem because Obama is so inexperienced, he has no record to compare it to. Contrast that with John McCain; we know where he stands.

Carlson brought it back to Jesse Jackson and wondered if there's that generational divide in the African-American community? Is there jealousy? Giuliani demurred, saying he doesn't have sufficient personal knowledge.

Napolitano asked if Obama voted for FISA and came out in favor of faith-based inititatives was done to take the issues off the table come November? They might not be an issue any longer, but Who is Barack Obama remains an issue - what does he stand for? Ultimately that was the biggest thing that undermined John Kerry. Even people sympathetic didn't respect him as a leader with a consistent position.

I could transcribe the whole interview, but from here on out I'll just give the buzzwords (it'll be pretty much the whole discussion anyway):

Doocy: Barack Obama does not have much of a record; only US Senator for 150 days before running for president; flip-flops; not on the record a lot;

RG: Mostly voted present or not present; not a lot of decision-making; is there a core here or is it all playing the polls?; America doesn't want that, America wants a leader; use Hillary Clinton's quotes, they're all there;

Carlson: More alarming that votes he did cast are now being "potentially" changed.

When the discussion moved, after a break, to Iran's testing of missiles, the intro immediately went political:

Doocy: "When something "like this" happens, immediately a lot of people are reminded that Barack Obama said 'you know, I would sit down with the guys like the fella who runs Iran.'"

Giuliani: not helpful to him; no pre-conditions indicates Obama's inexperienced; America needs leverage to appear strong; image has helped in Iraq; better position than if we had run out like Obama wanted to do; Iran too irresponsible a regime to be allowed to become nuclear power.

The trio (Napolitano disappeared during the break) discussed the possibility of a floor-fight at the Democratic National Convention, bringing smiles and chuckles at the image. Giuliani thinks not, and Carlson agreed he's probably right. But what a fun image for the couchful of loyal Republican supporters.