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FOX and Friends heavily favors Republican guests, talking points

Reported by Chrish - July 10, 2008 -

A very brief synopsis of FOX and Friends political segments this morning reveals just how unbalanced the program is: four segments with prominent Republicans dissected Obama and his campaign, hitting all the talking points twice, while one segment with a Democrat stayed focused on Iran, not politics. A fifth segment with another Republican promoted so-called "clean coal" technologies.

Rudy Giuliani was scheduled for the first half-hour; two segments with him took up ten full minutes. Near the top of the second hour, LA Governor Bobby Jindall, who has mentioned as a possible VP for McCain but who repeatedly denied interest, also got two segments totaling six minutes.

Between these two was three minutes with Public Relations Consultant Fraser Seitel, who while acknowledging that Obama is a great orator and is running a "brilliant" campaign added that he's done nothing and has no experience; Seitel said that he in fact was voting for co-host Judge Andrew Napolitano, who has more experience than Obama.

The sole guest not in ideological agreement with the three hosts was Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee. In setting up the segment with Reed, the Friends played (for the second time in twenty minutes) the video clip of Jesse Jackson whispering criticism of Barack Obama in a FOX studio, and asked, in unison (teleprompter, anyone?) "How does this affect the candidate himself?" Reed's already brief (three minutes) allotted time was shortened 30 seconds by having to answer this ridiculous question, which he did dismissively - Jackson apologized, move on. The rest of his segment was a discussion of foreign policy regarding Iran and Israel and Iraq.

The program carried about eight minutes of opening remarks by Hillary Clinton, who is appearing with Barack Obama at a women's breakfast/fundraiser. They cut away as she was getting into issues, and presented some goofball talking about Christie Brinkley and A-Rod.

John Boehner (R-OH) got about 2.5 minutes to promote "clean coal to liquid" as a viable alternative energy that could help USAmericans get off foreign oil and ostensibly ease the pain at the pump. He did advocate that we need to look at all options, renewables, conservation , domestic drilling,, but his focus is on gas, oil, and coal.