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After Completely Misrepresenting Obama’s Energy Plan, Giuliani Brags About His Energy Mojo

Reported by Ellen - July 10, 2008 -

FOX News trotted out Rudolph Giuliani as the “expert” to compare Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s energy platform on last night’s (7/8/08) Hannity & Colmes. You didn’t have to watch the segment to know what Giuliani would conclude. But it was a surprise that Giuliani seemed not to have the faintest idea what Obama’s platform is. It was almost as surprising that after getting Obama wrong, then attacking him on his lack of experience, Giuliani went on to brag that being a mayor made him an authority on “the importance of energy.” With video.

It was another night of unbalance on Hannity & Colmes last night. This time, two out of four segments on the election had a Republican as the lone guest (Giuliani and Mary Matalin, on hand in another segment to discuss Obama’s family interview on Access Hollywood). In the other two segments (a double on Jesse Jackson’s slip of the microphone) Democrat Al Sharpton shared the panel with Republican Michael Steele.

Sean Hannity started out the discussion with the first falsehood about Obama’s plan. In an obviously scripted introduction, Hannity said, “Senator McCain is calling for America to invest in its greatest natural resource, coal, and he wants to allocate $2 billion a year for the development of clean coal. Senator Obama, on the other hand, would spend up to $15 a year on biofuel research.”

In reality, Obama’s plan is a lot more complex than that. It includes developing and deploying clean coal technologies as well as nuclear energy (Click on “Read the energy plan” at the bottom of the page).

Hannity’s opening question was another misrepresentation: “I look at Barack Obama’s position. Can’t expand coal mining, Can’t drill, can’t refine, can’t use nukes,” Hannity falsely said.

“Expert” Giuliani cracked up in appreciation. “It means we just stop,” he said wrongly. “If you listen to it, it’s a political appeal (unlike Hannity’s or Giuliani's, I suppose). And it means nothing will happen in the next 10 to 20 years. We’re not going to be able to drill for more oil. He doesn’t favor expanding nuclear power and he doesn’t want to expand the use of coal. Biofuels are a good idea but for them to be effective, it’s going to take five to ten years. What are you going to do in the interim?”

Giuliani went on to talk about the need for clean coal, like “John” wants, apparently ignorant that Obama is for it, too.

Hannity either didn’t know or didn’t care about Giuliani's misrepresentations.

Giuliani continued by gratuitously smearing Obama’s patriotism: “We have more coal reserves in the United States than they have oil reserves in Saudi Arabia. Why the heck wouldn’t we want to use it? Why do you want to block it, unless you are responding to some kind of a political special interest and not the real good of the country.”

Giuliani then joined Hannity in an attack on Obama’s lack of experience, as though Giuliani had so much of it. “I was a mayor. I understand the importance of energy,” he said self-importantly.

Alan Colmes said it’s not true Obama won’t drill. “The fact of the matter is, nobody’s stopping oil companies from drilling. They’ve got 68 million acres now they can drill on. They’re drilling now in many parts of the country. It’s not true that no drilling will take place for the next 10 years.”

Giuliani also repeated the debunked talking point that “China may very well be permitted to drill for oil that is 70, 80 miles from Florida... China will be taking American oil.” He never explained why oil that is 70 or more miles off shore is "American."

It’s not like Colmes to let a guest slide on those kinds of falsehoods so I have to assume it was because he wanted to get to his next point, which was a good one. Colmes asked, “We have oil in Alaska that we ship out and sell to Japan. Why do we do that? ...Why not stop the oil companies from being allowed to take U.S. domestic oil, (drilled) in Alaska and selling it to Asia?”

Giuliani sloughed that off as the “private economy” and “a free economy.” He added, “I have a fear that Barack Obama wants to re-engineer that economy.