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A Check On Bill O'Reilly's Distorted Reality

Reported by Deborah - July 10, 2008 -

Since Bill O'Reilly claims he's seeking truth in his Reality Checks segment, it is reasonable to assume that he wouldn't think of distorting the information offered to trusting fans anticipating his astute observations. Sadly, tonight, although possibly intoxicated by the Jesse Jackson scoop, O'Reilly sculpted the truth for his own convenience.

Barack Obama did not advocate bi-lingual schools in his statement. He was encouraging bi-lingual students and adults so we can compete with other countries where people routinely speak two or three languages. However, O'Reilly made it seem like Obama was suggesting children should learn Spanish to make it easier for Latino kids and challenging the public school policy. He conveniently distorted the clip.

The Moveon petition he claimed was about 'racism" is actually the Brave New Films video and peition about FOX smearing Michelle Obama which Moveon is promoting.