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Why Did Brit Hume Smear The British PM?

Reported by Priscilla - July 9, 2008 -

For Fox and its rightwing community, Britain has replaced France as the scapegoat du jour. Perhaps because it is seen as being too tolerant of Islam (the Brits don’t have the same hate radio culture that is so prevalent in its former colony.) Perhaps it’s because the British government is reducing its troop presence in Iraq with an eye towards departure. But yesterday’s (July 8th) “Grapevine” was the one of four items within a week which, while not a direct insult, was the customary not so subtle “innuendo” directed towards the “hypocrisy” of – no, not Barack Obama/Democrats/Liberals – but the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Monday’s Grapevine had a piece about a senior British judge who feels that Sharia law could be used to deal with family and marital arguments and regulation of finance. It also had a piece about British students being forced to pray to Allah. Of course, Hume did not include the fact that the teacher had been suspended. Last night, there was an item about British bomb sniffing dogs being given rubber soled “booties” when searching Muslim homes which was preceeded by the Gordon Brown mini hit piece which was about how the PM doesn’t “practice what he preaches.” We were informed that Mr. Brown, on his flight to the G8 conference, “urged his countrymen (comment: what about the countrywomen?) to cut back on food waste.” According to the Daily Mail, Brown “implored British citizens to store fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator so that they last longer, adding that action must be taken to "increase the global supply of food and reduce unnecessary demand." But according to the Daily Telegraph, when Brown arrived in Japan, he was treated to a sumptuous six course “working lunch” followed by an 18 course dinner.”

Comment: Hume was really reaching on this one. While trying to convey the impression that Brown either sought out or was singled out for this kind of meal. The reality was that all the guests (including President Bush) were provided with these dinners. As noted by Murdoch’s “Times” "the leaders of the world’s richest nations, joined by several African leaders, ate course after course of fine food.” So it wasn’t just Gordon Brown. But as we know, the “Grapevine” is very cherry picked.