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McCain a No-Show on FISA Vote. Soft on Terrorism? Nope. No Mention on Your World but Obama is a Flip-Flopper

Reported by Melanie - July 9, 2008 -

Who knows why Barack Obama flip-flopped on the FISA bill that passed the Senate today (July 9, 2008). My assumption is that he didn't want to be accused of "being soft on terrorism." Well, if he though that reneging on his promise to filibuster the bill if it contained telcom immunity would leave him free of criticism (a pervasive myth amongst Democrats inside the Beltway), he was sorely mistaken. This is how Fox's James Rosen reported on Obama's vote this afternoon on Your World w/Neil Cavuto:

"What's interesting about Senator Obama's vote affirming this measure, for this to become law, is that he previously vowed to filibuster this bill. In October, November and February of this year, he has campaigned and his senate office have all vowed to oppose this measure because of that one provision which gives the big telecommunication companies immunity from lawsuits for their cooperation with the federal agents who were conducting this surveilance. Obama had said he would filibuster any measure that contained that provision. It did contain that provision today. Earlier and last month Senator Obama said that this is an imperfect bill but he's persuaded that it's needed to protect Americans from a terrorist attack. And you should see the anger on his webroots, on his own website, from bloggers who are disillusioned with what they call a flip-flop on this issue."

Comment: No, Fox didn't accuse him of being "soft on terrorism," but hey, they now have a perfect illustration to use to label him a flip-flopper. Why Democrats think that if they go along with Republicans they're going to escape criticism, I'll never know. The Republicans and the "liberal media" will just find something else to criticize them about. Oh, and Fox didn't mention that John McCain didn't even bother to show up, so Fox, what does that make him? Soft on terrorism?