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FOX website buries more unflattering-to-Bush-admin stories

Reported by Chrish - July 9, 2008 -

I've noted several previous instances when the FOXNews.com website has made news items that undermine the White House = White Hats meme difficult to find unless you're looking for them, like this, this, this, and this. Well, they're at it again.

FOX is technically carrying the story of Dick Cheney's alleged stifling of inconvenient facts about global climate change and human health, but to get to it on the website first you have to click on Politics - OK, lots of sites are divided like newspapers into sections. But "Politics," as noted previously, takes the reader to "Election HQ. Click further through, way over on the right, to get to the "Politics" homepage and scroll way down to find the link. A search of the site brings up nothing recent or relevant.

What is more important than the Vice-president ordering a cover-up of information about industrial actions (from which his cronies profit handsomely) that are potentially dangerous and perhaps deadly to citizens? Check out what makes the front page in its stead:

* Mukasey Vows to Use All Tools Against Terrorists
* Polygamist Leader Warren Jeffs Hospitalized in Vegas
* Second Mount McKinley Climber Dies in a Week
* Pelosi's Fuel Plan: Dip Into U.S. Crude Reserve
- FOXBusiness: Oil Plunges $5, Dow Soars 152 Points
* Family Wants $25M in Death of Patient Ignored on Video
- No Charges in Death of LA Patient Ignored by Hospital
* U.S. Missile Pact Prompts Russian Threats
* Man Gored, 4 Hurt in 2nd Day of Bull-Running | PHOTOS
* Mourners Gather for Ex-Sen. Helms' Funeral | PHOTOS

* ELECTION HQ: Minneapolis Sees Green With GOP
- Obama Responds to ‘Flip-Flop’ Attacks
* Cops: Drug-Laced Treats Dropped Off at Police Stations
* California Glaciers Keep Growing Despite Warming
* Fading Floods Leave Scavengers' Trove | PHOTOS
* Film of Missing Mom Pool 'Party' Leads to Lawsuit
* Man Kills Pregnant Wife by Mistake While Cleaning Gun
- Woman Shoots Herself While Trying to Kill Mice
* Man Dies After Ruby Tuesday Serves Him Wrong Dish
* Student Steals Eucharist, Receives Death Threats

All are what passes today as "news" items but FOX's choice of tabloid and irrelevant-to-but-a-few personal stories over what leading climate change expert James Hansen terms "high crimes against humanity and nature" sure shows their priorities - protect the Bush White House.

Completely missing from the website (as of this writing, 2AM 7/8/08) is mention that US trade with Iran has increased tenfold under the Bush administration, as reported by the rest of the media - you know, all those liberals, and only brave FOX dares to not report it.