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FOX selects topics to reinforce agenda

Reported by Chrish - July 9, 2008 -

We've noted all along that what FOX chooses to cover and drill, drill, drill reveals its agenda as much as what they choose to blip once and then dismiss. Some topics are ignored totally, despite real news value. Here's another example of how the gatekeepers set the agenda by story choices.

Melanie has noted a slew of episodes on Your World with Neil Cavuto (I use episodes deliberately, as it is much more scripted drama than a business news program) where a handful of Hillary Clinton supporters who have irrationally switched their support to John McCain have been interviewed. We've seen this phenomenon elsewhere on FOX.

Not only has FOX been playing up these anti-Obama Democrats, they've also exaggerated support for John McCain from evangelists and veterans.

But one story they seem to have missed entirely, from what we've seen anyway, is the one about "Growing parade of conservatives backing Obama," as reported at RawStory.
We'll keep looking for it, but don't expect these "Obamacons" to get face-time like the anti-Obama voters do.

Part of FOX's job is to shape the newsscape for its viewers so that they are constantly reinforced in their ideology and reassured that they are part of a righteous majority. There is security in numbers - that they identify with the "rebel yell" persona is such a disconnect - and FOX tells them daily, hourly, that their view is that of the majority, and therefore correct. Bill O'Reilly touts his ratings almost nightly to remind viewers that they're part of an insiders' club and commercials throughout the day remind viewers that they are "home." Facts refute this comfort bubble; FOX must keep those inconvenient truths from the base.

A more appropriate slogan for FOX News: We report what we decide.