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E.D. Hill:"What's the difference between American perspective and African - American perspective?"

Reported by Deborah - July 9, 2008 -

Today on FOX Election HQ, 7/9/08, E.D. Hill and Angela McGlowan did not agree with TV One's decision to cover only Barack Obama's nomination at the Democratic Convention. Network CEO,Johnathan Rodgers, explained that TV One is a lifestyle and entertainment network and therefore does not cover news. He noted that they are covering Barack Obama's achievement as an African- American adding that TV One has also covered Colin Powell and Condaleezza Rice. The explanation made perfect sense but Hill and McGowan continued pushing the idea that the network was being unfair.

Hill thought the network should be "fair and balanced" covering McCain too even though the network focuses on African-Americans. McGlowan quipped, " Why keep us in the black?" Hill asked McGlowan, " What's the difference between an American perspective and an African-American perspective?" Hill's question framed the message of the entire segment. Jane Hall straddled the fence as always.