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Huckabee Compares Obama Unfavorably to Helms

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2008 -

FOX News contributor Mike Huckabee compared Barack Obama to Jesse Helms last night (7/7/08) on Hannity & Colmes. Not surprisingly to anyone familiar with the racial insensitivity on FOX News, Obama came up short. Huckabee continued by serving up a platter of Happy Iraq distortions and dismissing a less-than-upbeat Government Accountability Office report on progress in Iraq by accusing the office of not wanting the U.S. to win the war. With video.

Huckabee was the lead-off guest in the top story, which “asked” “Why did Obama take both sides of the Iraq issue in the same day?” Mike Huckabee on the policy flip.


Sean Hannity took an extra swipe at those who oppose the Iraq war by saying in his scripted introduction, “All indications are in fact the situation on the ground is vastly improved. Last week, the White House announced that 15 of 18 benchmarks in Iraq are considered quote satisfactory. Now, that’s twice as many as a year ago. But Barack Obama still seems confused about his own position on the war and whether or not he will pull American troops out of Iraq as soon as he takes office. Last week, he appeared to be on both sides of the same issue. Guess what, on the very same day!”

Alan Colmes later pointed out that the Government Accountability Office recently issued a report at odds with that assessment. But that information did not make it into the “official” introduction.

Huckabee, a former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, is now a John McCain supporter, as the introduction properly noted. But the fact that he was the sole guest for this discussion about Obama guaranteed a preponderance of negative analysis from the “fair and balanced” network.

Huckabee genially agreed with Hannity’s analysis that Obama’s purported flip-flop was an effort to hide his true beliefs from the electorate. “When liberals are honest about being liberals, they get beat,” Huckabee said.

Then Huckabee went on to compare Obama to Helms. Huckabee continued, “What a contrast. The thing that many of us loved and admired about Jesse Helms was that here was a guy, he didn’t care what you thought about his view, but you were going to always know where he stood because he stood for something and he stood clearly. I think we’re not seeing that in Barack Obama, especially in relationship to his position on the war.”

It wasn’t until Colmes’ turn that viewers got the perspective that Obama has not changed his position on Iraq and that his recent comments are completely consistent with what he has said all along. Media Matters has a similar run down.

Colmes moved on to the Iraq war benchmarks and presented the GAO’s far less positive assessment of progress in Iraq. It should have been presented at the beginning of the discussion if FOX News really wanted to live up to its “We report. You decide” mantra.

Colmes said, “There’s wide – talk about daylight between what the GAO is saying and what our own State Department is saying (comment: I believe Colmes meant the Pentagon.) Why do you think that is?”

Huckabee answered, “Well, I think once again, there are some people who just don’t want us to win this war.”