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"Financial Wizard" and "football player" debate McCain, Obama tax proposals

Reported by Chrish - July 8, 2008 -

That's FOX fairandbalanced for you. Bob Beckel, Democratic Strategist, and Steve Forbes, Editor-in-chief of business magazine Forbes and host of his own business show Forbes on FOX, went head to head on taxes on FOX and Friends this morning 7/8/08. Sure wish Paul Krugman or another similarly qualified economist or financial wiz could have represented the left, but that would be TOO fairandbalanced - FOX just wants the appearance. Regardless, in the second segment Beckel wasn't even addressed and only after he complained was he allowed 15 seconds to rebut Forbes monologue, so the appearance thing isn't even holding up.
With video.

The segments had been teased repeatedly by Steve Doocy, who proclaimed that Steve Forbes says that Barack Obama's tax proposals would "devastate the economy" and will "destroy America." By all means, give him the mic to scare the viewers into voting for McCain, because on issues he doesn't have their hearts or minds.

The discussion was predictable: Forbes thinks rescinding tax cuts for the rich (of course framed as a "tax increase") will hinder investment and growth, and charges that Obama voted for 94 "tax increases" in 3 years. Beckel supports cancelling the tax cuts for the wealthy and says the Bush tax cuts for the rich resulted in today's quagmire. Forbes claimed that Clinton's surplus should be credited to the Republican Congress, who reined in his spending, but Beckel accused him of revisionist history because Clinton raised taxes and cut spending immediately, in 1992 and 1993, which helped the Republicans regain Congress in 1994. Beckel was interrupted, they went to break, and after the break it was largely Forbes on FOX.

As McCain goes further to the right in search of "conservative" votes, FOX amplifies approvingly and sometimes forgets to even pretend to be fairandbalanced.

Part I: The Discussion

Part 2: The Forbes Monologue: