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Bill O'Reilly Says Most Americans Are Suffering But America Is Doing Great

Reported by Deborah - July 8, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly likes his theories, no matter how weak, confirmed immediately on air. On radio he gets approval from his screened callers and on The Factor, he relies on his carefully selected guests. Last night, 7/7/08, Juan Williams and Mary Katherine Ham, appeared to reinforce O'Reilly's claim in his TPM, that the media is sending a message that the country is in decline to get Obama elected. Williams and Ham performed on schedule but nobody, including O'Reilly, denied that people are suffering.

Mary Katherine Ham got bonus points last night and even an enthusiastic compliment for incorporating an Edwards insult into her cheerleading. BOR ran with it and seemed absolutely giddy with pleasure. Also, Ham zinged another O'Reilly enemy, Paul Krugman, making Bill-O feel like a wise sage. It seems obvious that Ham is a rising star in BORville.

Williams will do anything O'Reilly asks as long as he can discredit Barack Obama. Last night, Williams embarrassed himself enabling O'Reilly.