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Bill Hemmer, Here's Your Sign

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2008 -

On yesterday's America's Newsroom (July 7, 2008), co-host Bill Hemmer interviewed Kent Couch, the man who flew from Oregon to Idaho in a helium balloon-powered lawn chair. During the interview Hemmer asked Couch about the dangers of lawn chair flying, "This is kinda dangerous, isn't it Kent? I mean – mean one wrong move, man, and there's nothing to help you, is there?" Couch said simply, "Parachute. They seem to work pretty good." "Have you ever used it?" asked Hemmer. Couch replied, "Yeah I did on the first one." Then, out of Bill Hemmer's mouth came one of the worst questions ever. Hemmer asked Couch, "And did it save your life?" With video.

Guest blogged by Scott

Comment: This is a missed opportunity. What Kent Couch should have said was, "Nope, I died that day. You've been interviewing a ghost. Here's Your Sign."

Any man that can fly a helium balloon powered lawn chair over 200 miles should know about Bill Engvall.