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"Some say" revealed on FOX and Friends

Reported by Chrish - July 7, 2008 -

Both presidential candidates got mentions on FOX and Friends First this morning 7/7/08, but Obama's coverage was negative while McCain's was glowing. In fact, Obama's "flip-flops" warranted an entire segment (that also allowed the crew to cast aspersion on the New York Times) while McCain's flip-flop on offshore drilling was given a tacit nod of approval. The McCain segments echoed an ad run by the RNC and one segment actually featured an embedded ad by Vets for Freedom.

Both ads can be viewed at Huffington Post.

The "surge is working" ad came first, with a disclaimer that it was not specifically a McCain ad but rather a pro-surge, pro-war ad, Steve Doocy dutifully distancing "some have suggested that perhaps it is an endorsement of John McCain, yet they say it is not." We know who "some say" is for sure this time: the banners beneath the ad read "Vets for McCain." In fact, it squished off to the left of screen so another graphic could accompany it, that read "Vets for McCain." Yup, it was there twice in case you didn't get it the first time. That second graphic faded away, replaced by John McCain's head, perhaps for the reading-impaired. As the ad finished up, the banner changed to "Vets give McCain a boost - groups new ad criticizes Obama." The trio on the couch (Doocy, Camerota, and substitute Clayton Morris) discussed that although the ad presents itself as non-partisan, of course it is supportive of McCain's stated intent to stay in Iraq as long as it takes "to finish the job," whatever that means.

Later in a segment supposed to explore whether Obama can make inroads in traditionally red states, the topic was narrowed to "Economics" which on FOX and Friends only means the price of a gallon of gas, and which allowed them to mention that John McCain has promised to balance the budget in four years. Todd Boulanger, representing the right-wing, repeated the talking point from the RNC ad that McCain is the only candidate with plans and is pushing a variety of options - nuclear power, renewables and offshore drilling (phrased as "increased production," no mention that this position is an about face for McCain). He's "looking at everything" while "Democrats do nothing."

When Chris Kofinis, representing the left, said that the reality is the failure of the Bush administration to develop a viable long-term energy plan for the country, and Obama has proposals for conservation, efficiency and long-term alternatives, Doocy interjected that we need answers now. Kofinis agreed, but pointed out that drilling in ANWR will not provide it. Doocy, still on the drill, drill, drill message, suggested that merely "punching a hole in the Earth" would effect speculative prices and current prices wuld go down immediately. Absolutely, agreed Boulanger, and he called Kofinis claim that it would take 10-20 years to get the oil from ANWR into our gas tanks "patently false." Furthermore, if we wanted cheap energy we should have been building nuclear power plants the past 20 years, but the Democratic Congress (elected in 2006, you'll recall) won't even allow nuclear waste to be stored.

That segment ended, with FOX devotees unclear on the immediacy of relief from drilling in ANWR and left with the impression that McCain will do more to correct our energy policies than Obama, who we were told does essentially nothing.

There was another segment on Obama, a preview of smears that others are predicted to make come the fall, here, and a final Obama segment accusing him of flip-flopping on Democratic issues. For this segment, Doocy teased that the New York Times "buried" what should have been a lead story, Obama's "full reversal" on Iraq policy. Turns out the NYT ran a highly critical editorial July 4th titled "New and not improved," which worries that his post-primary "move to the center" is "striking because he was the candidate who proposed to change the face of politics, the man of passionate convictions who did not play old political game."

The Friends made comparisons to John Kerry to paint Obama as a flip-flopper, but Obama's communications Director, Robert Gibbs, gave no ground and insisted that Obama has been consistent throughout this campaign.

And on it goes...