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Obama Flip Flops, McCain Shifts "a Little Bit"

Reported by Melanie - July 7, 2008 -

After a 72-hour bash-Barack Obama holiday weekend highlighting Obama's use of the word "refine" and incorrectly defining it as a flip flop, Fox yawned today (July 7, 2008) when it reported that John McCain ah, refined his position. Carl Cameron on Your World w/Neil Cavuto in a segment captioned, "McCain & Obama Launch New Battle Over Economy:"

"Today the debate kinda shifted a little bit to when the budget will be balanced. Senator McCain has said that he'll balance it in his first term. That did shift a little bit a few months ago when he said it might take two terms but he's back to saying it's a four year deal."

Comment: Obama "refines" and we spend three days on it. McCain shifts "a little bit" and that's the end of it.