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New York Times on FOX Public Relations attack dogs

Reported by Chrish - July 7, 2008 -

David Carr, media reporter at the New YorkTimes, exposes some of the tactics and attitudes of the FOX News PR folks in a new article. Carr, who was viciously labeled a "former crack addict" by Bill O'Reilly when he briefly mentioned l'affaire loofah in a related article, knows of what he speaks.

Carr writes that the FOX News Public Relations apparatus has made the organization "such a handful to deal with" that reporters have tended to shy away from critical coverage.

"... Mr. Ailes and Brian Lewis, his longtime head of public relations, act as if every organization that covers them is a potential threat and, in the process, have probably made it far more likely. And as the cable news race has tightened, because CNN has gained ground during a big election year, Fox News has become more prone to lashing out. Fun is fun, but it is getting uglier by the day out there."

Lewis denies any "black lists," and could probably pass a lie detector test because technically billoreillyDOTcom is not attached to FOX News per se, but who is BillO without FOX News? In fact, ads are running on FNC right now that boast of O'Reilly's ratings' dominance, and he refers his viewers to the website nightly.

Fortunately for News Hounds, we didn't know about this PR department from hell when we got started, although early on we added "bashing the media" as a category because it is so prevalent. FOX personalities rarely mention us by name (have we been blacklisted from the blacklist?) so we have no personal horror stories, but read the NYT article for others.