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John McCain has been talking to real people(as opposed to what, dead people?)

Reported by Deborah - July 7, 2008 -

On Live Desk today, McCallum interviewed a McCain spokesman, Nicole Wallace. She was zoomed in even farther then Martha in the split screen leaving no doubt that there are people younger then 80 working on his campaign. The fresh faced perky, pretty younger woman with a bright, white sparkly smile was there to reassure Fox viewers that elderly John McCain was in touch with people (outside of the VFW and nursing home circuit). 7/7/08

Guest Blogger Tom

McCallum, "Some of the McCain campaign has been criticized for not being robust enough, not being out there enough, ahh letting Barrack Obama steal a lot of the attention, are we going to see anything different now?

Answering with the ever present smile, Wallace responded:
"Well, you know, I don't think a lot of people who are making a choice... this is a big election about big stuff...There is nothing that Barack Obama has done or proposed that would do anything other then suck all the oxygen out of this economy that is already facing some challenges."

When asked how McCain can compete with The DNC's 75,000 seat venue for the convention:

"You know we are VERY comfortable to hold up to the American people a choice between someone who spends, John McCain, he has been on the road, he spends every minute of every day, mixing it up, talking to REAL people with REAL questions. Everything they say to John McCain is not scripted, polished, vetted or checked, ..."

Has McCain being talking to people who are not real until now?
He has been in Israel, Columbia and Mexico? Does he have a map of the USA? McCain's fresh face campaign adviser has her work cut out for her.