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Fred Barnes Laughs At Harry Reid and Air Pollution

Reported by Deborah - July 6, 2008 -

Yesterday on the Beltway Boys, 7/5/08, Fred Barnes laughed at Harry Reid for commenting that burning fossil fuels makes us sick and global warming has ruined our country and the world. Barnes, obviously breathing the rarified air of the privileged few, acted like Reid was out of his mind and out of touch.

Barnes claimed Reid was hanging around with "environmental extremists and global warming exaggerators" adding that they tend to have more influence on Democrats. Claiming that we couldn't have any alternative sources of energy for twenty or thirty years, Barnes concluded that we're going to need to burn coal and oil and it won't make us sick.

Barnes, who has never gotten his mind around the concept of climate change, noted that more and more the science behind global warming is "crumbling". He made a mumble grumble attempt to back up his claim with facts citing NASA warmest year stats.

Although hard to believe, Barnes and Kondracke are still debating the notion that global warming exists. Kondracke countered with data coming from polar ice core samples indicating that there is more CO2 in the atmosphere but then wondered if that really caused warming. Then he called for national debates on the subject.

comment: Both ignored the idea that burning fossil fuels is making us sick. Perhaps they miss the frequent warnings on "red" days when people with respiratory problems are warned to stay indoors because of high ozone levels.

I've had asthma since childhood and I can assure the Boys that summertime breathing in the Philadelphia area is not easy and gets harder every year. The "red danger" days are more frequent and the number of kids in my school with asthma inhalers is also growing. I wonder if Barnes knows that canceling outdoor recess because the air is too polluted has, unfortunately, become routine. Harry Reid is right and we're quickly running out of time and fresh air.