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Fox Celebrates The Fourth With Talk Of Racial Profiling

Reported by Priscilla - July 6, 2008 -

Fox was in its patriotic glory on July 4th, with its flag imagery and live broadcasting of President Bush’s speech at Monticello. (Comment: Jefferson must be rolling in his grave). The ever unctuous Greg Jarrett and smarmy Megyn Kelly, who were subbing for the regular Fox morning crew, joked about having “drawn straws” for the holiday shift. But no problem because, as Kelly said, “we love our country and love our work.” (Comment: And for that, your country is just sooo grateful.) I was disappointed because Jarrett wasn’t wearing a flag pin and Kelly, whose lengthy legs were spectacularly waxed, had a red blouse and a white “mini” but no visible blue to complete the holiday theme. Most of the material was the usual morning “fluff;” but one “tease” got my attention: “Is racial profiling necessary? Who should the FBI profile – soccer moms, senior citizens, or young Muslim men?” (Comment: oh, nooo, not soccer moms!)

Jarrett introduced the piece by saying that “civil libertarians are up in arms” about “proposed changes governing anti terror investigations which would allow agents to use racial profiling to target terror suspects.” He added that President Bush has rejected racial profiling; but the FBI is saying (Jarett emphasizing the following words) “we really need this” to prevent terror attacks. His guest was former FBI Chief of Counterterrorism, Steve Pomerantz, who along with Steve Emerson, has accused the Muslim organization CAIR of aiding terrorists. Obviously, Pomerantz was fully on board with the Fox talking point (fear of Islam).

Jarrett asked if the “bottom line” is “would considering race and ethnicity along with other traits and factors” (he didn’t elaborate) “deter terrorist articles and help us nab terrorists.” As if on cue, Pomerantz replied, “absolutely.” He said that this “intelligence gathering” is the “only way” to “know who the people are and what their planning is.” He added that the FBI would be looking a people “who meet a certain criteria” (Comment: dark skin?) “not solely on ethnicity or religion;’ but noted that “sometimes ethnicity may be pertinent.” As if on cue, Jarrett said (leading, leading) “and some of the intelligence gathering must go on in Muslim communities and mosques, yet the ACLU decries that.” (Comment: bad Muslims, bad ACLU and Greg, as a “journalist,” why do ya think they might be decrying that?) But here comes the best part of the show. Jarrett quoted from an article that Michelle Malkin (who defended the internment of Japanese Americans, during WWII, as “enemy aliens”) wrote, in 2004, in the Jewish World Review - not in the NY Post as Jarrett indicated . America’s favorite “anchor baby” states “where else are federal agents supposed to turn for help in uncovering terrorist plots of Islamic fanatics? Buddhist temples, Knights of Columbus meetings, Amish neighborhoods.” Ever the partisan hack, Jarrett said “she’s got a point” to which Pomerantz responded, “an accurate point” and added that “we can pretend that the threat is evenly distributed – Irish Catholics or Orthodox Jews but that would be ridiculous.” (As he was speaking, film footage of Muslims at a mosque, women in hijab, was shown). Pomerantz said that “we know where the threat is coming from and that’s not the same thing as saying that we need to take a blanket look merely because of their religion or where they worship.” When he said that the threat is from “certain people in the Muslim world,” Jarrett made this truly amazing statement: “the proof of this is the fact that if the FBI had gone after Zaccharias Moussaoui before 9-11, and they wanted to but didn’t do it because, according to Mueller, they are were afraid of racial profiling, 9-11 might not have happened.” (Comment: According to the 9-11 Commission, the Moussaoui situation was complex and involved a great deal of FBI confusion over FISA policy.) Regarding Mueller – Fox has this old article which states “asked if he meant one reason the FBI may have rejected a warrant request was concern about racial profiling, Goss replied: "I don't know the answer to that. But I'm surely going to ask the question, because it has been suggested." The FBI declined to comment.” But how patriotic of Jarrett to link 9-11 with Muslim profiling with a comment lifted almost word for word from a 2004 Malkin article.

Comment: What was amusing was that the entire discussion (and a chyron) was about proposed “racial profiling” while an article on the Fox website states “Justice Department Denies New FBI Guide Allows Racial Profiling.” If Jarrett were a real journalist, he could have mentioned the ACLU’s Caroline Frederickson, who cited Timothy McVeigh and Theodore Kaczynski in her statement, "Profiling has sent us in the wrong direction. ... I thought we learned our lesson in that regard." But that wouldn’t have fit the script. Ah, the glorious “Fourth” celebrating American freedom, Muslim profiling, and Michelle Malkin. Fox has it all.