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Dick Morris Baselessly Alleges Obama Wants To Provide Health Insurance For Illegal Immigrants In Order To Win Hispanic Vote

Reported by Ellen - July 5, 2008 -

For at least the third time on Hannity & Colmes, Dick Morris baselessly alleged Friday night (7/3/08) that Barack Obama intends to provide national health insurance to illegal immigrants. This time, Morris added that Obama won’t budge from that position in order to appeal to the Hispanic vote. With video.

In a discussion about Obama’s supposed flip-flops, substitute co-host Rich Lowry asked Morris, “How do you rank Barack Obama in terms of shamelessness and is it working for him?”

Morris answered, “It will work for him if McCain doesn’t call him on it.” Morris went on to say that McCain should make it impossible for Obama to flip-flop. “There are some core positions he’s not going to let go of,” Morris said. “The doubling of the cap(ital) gains tax, the covering every American with health insurance, which means illegal immigrants. He can’t let go of that ‘cause (of) the Hispanic vote.”

As I have previously posted, Morris has yet to provide any proof for his outrageous accusation. He has previously attempted to justify his assertion by “reasoning” that because Obama says there are 47 million people without health insurance in America, and because, according to Morris 10 to 12 million of them are illegal immigrants, Obama must want to insure illegals.

In reality, Obama’s 47 million figure came from the U.S. Census Bureau (it has since revised the figure down to about 45 million) which counts about 9 million of the uninsured as “non-citizens.” Presumably, a significant chunk of those 9 million are legal residents. So one wonders where Morris got his numbers from. Furthermore, Obama’s health care plan speaks of “Providing affordable, comprehensive and portable health coverage for every American” (my emphasis). Nowhere is there mention of providing coverage for anyone else. There is no mention of providing health care to immigrants in Obama’s immigration platform, either.