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On Fox, Obama = Night, McCain = Day

Reported by Melanie - July 4, 2008 -

Yesterday Barack Obama, "raised the possibility of slowing a promised gradual, 16-month withdrawal from Iraq if he is elected president, saying that Thursday he will consult with military commanders on an upcoming trip to the region and 'continue to refine' his proposals."

On June 16, John McCain reversed his position on offshore drilling.

On Your World w/Neil Cavuto, what McCain did garners a next-day visit from a friendly Republican, Florida's Tom Feeney, who compares McCain to Winston Churchill, who, according to Feeney, said: 'When facts and circumstances dictate a change of policy, I change my position."

What Obama did yesterday garners a next-day visit visit (July 4, 2008) from the vicious Obama-hater Michelle Malkin, who is on to talk about, per the chyron: "Obama: 'Refining' Iraq Policy: Will it Cost him Votes?"