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Fox's "Premiere Business News" Show Almost Forgot to Report the Business News

Reported by Melanie - July 4, 2008 -

What does it say when a "premiere business news" show almost forgets to report the business news? Such was the case on Your World w/Neil Cavuto yesterday (July 3, 2008). Instead of opening with business news which ah, silly me, seems logical for a business news show, it opened with a piece asking whether the release of the Colombian hostages would "help McCain and hurt Obama."


No, the "business news," such as it was, came at the end of the show, with literally less than a minute to go, when substitute host Nicole Petallides said, "Well, 'Just In' with Laura Ingraham starts now. Oh. No. First, let's keep [sic], the Dow Jones Industrial Average finishing up 73 points on Wall Street. Up three of the last four days on Wall Street. And we actually saw some winning stocks. We saw United Technologies, Alcoa, J.P. Morgan all finishing to the upside, more than 2% each.

"And there you have it. The NASDAQ to the downside and the S&P up, just like the Dow. Alright. Thank you everybody for joining us. 'Just In' with Laura Ingraham starts right..."

With that, the "hard break" kicked in and "Just In w/Laura Ingraham" began.

Here's video - all 35 seconds of it:

Comment: Not only did Fox almost forget to report the business news but the "business news" it did report was, ah, not worth the paper it was printed on, so to speak. Fox's claim that Your World w/Neil Cavuto is a business news shows is, literally, a joke and the joke is on the viewer and anyone who believes it. There oughta be a law.